i believe there is beauty in everyday life.  i believe there is beauty in everyday things.  i believe there is love in everyday life.  i believe there is peace between the clouds.  i believe there is joy and we desperately need to find it.  i believe in the power of goodness and love.  i try to find it everyday and capture it.  i am a lover of the light.  let me capture yours.



What to expect:


I'm a photographer. This is what I do.

I coordinate the shoot.  I act as fashion consultant.  I watch the weather.  I drive to the shoot location and find the best spots and lightning for your session time, prior to the shoot.  I create pinboards for clothing ideas.  I create concept shots for stylized shoots.  I act as your map guide.  I wash all props before and after the shoot.  I test equipment.  I make sure everything is charged.  I spend thousands of dollars on equipment.  I pay insurance on the equipment.  I learn new techniques.  I drive.  I sing and dance to entertain your children.  I sooth crying babies.  I mold babies into postions. I research.  I scout new locations.  I buy permits.  I spend hours and hours editing.  I go over every photograph with a fine tooth comb.  I want you to look your best.